What we do?

Dongguan Linzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, is an innovative and professional electronic company, the company undertakes electronic product solutions to provide, design and development, contract manufacturing, sales and other business.

Our boss and technical team have been working for more than 20 years in the famous domestic company BBK, foreign company Vetech Tii network, HUBBLE, developed electronic solutions in many fields, such as EVD, amplifier, mixer, TELEPHON SPLITER, LED DRIVER, GFCI, IP CONTROLLER, WIFI, BLUETOOTH etc.

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    Business Philosophy

    Customer demand is the direction of our work, customer satisfaction is our missions.

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    Team Mission

    The key to working is to pay attention to in detail, always finish what we start, success is to make every single thing well.

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    Quality Policy

    To keep on progress, keep on improvement, that be provided responsible products and services for customers.

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    Scope of Business

    Specializing in PCBA of electronic products design & development and production integrated service.

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Why Choose Us

  • More than 20 years experience

    Our engineering team have been working for more than 20 years in the famous domestic company BBK, foreign company Vetech Tii network, HUBBLE.

  • Employee benefits and working environment

    1. Linzhou improved environment of dinning room as showing in 2022.
    2. Linzhou improved environment of DIP workshop as showing to added Air conditioner in 2022.

  • Famous supply chain stability

    LZ has its own resourcing channels and purchase raw materials more than 15 years at famous manufacturer such as NXP, Microchip, Ti, Onsemi, MCC brands.

  • Complete production process

    Single layer PCB design and skilled layout process are easy to produce and meet USA & EU safety.

  • Specialized in Electronic project solution.R&D


    Specialized in Electronic project solution.

  • PCBA integrated manufacturing services from engineering to production.OEM


    PCBA integrated manufacturing services from engineering to production.

  • Specializing assembly of finish goods.ASSY


    Specializing assembly of finish goods.

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New Products

Our News

  • Well-known enterprises came to Linzhou for visiting

    At the beginning of the 2024 New Year of the Dragon, Dongguan Pinduan Precision Hardware customers came to Linzhou for visiting. 1. Linzhou’s products services is recognized in 2023 by Pinduan customer ● OEM PCBA price is advantageous, it giving customers a cer...

  • Treatment for loose facial skin3

    Treatment for loose facial skin

    Facial sagging is a common phenomenon of skin aging, and its causes are complex and diverse. Bone atrophy, weakened ligament stability, gravity, and frequent pulling from facial expression activities will all cause facial skin and soft tissue to sag. To meet people's dem...

  • German customer quality manager visited Linzhou Electronics

    German customer quality manager visited Linzhou Electronics, listened carefully to the back end of the pcba quality control, Linzhou colleague introduced in detail 1.PCBA soldering process. 2. Position control of structural components. 3. appearance AOI inspection. ...

  • Battery charger pcba2

    How to design pcb layout

    Circuit design is an important part of electronic engineering, which involves creating electronic circuits for various devices. The process involves the selection and integration of electronic components to create a functional circuit. This is a complex process that requ...

  • Customer site (9)

    The German customer came to Linzhou to guide the work.

    The customer has entered into an in-depth discussion on the development of the Linzhou project. He is very interested in the current new energy storage power supply of 300W, 600W, 1200W, and 1500W. Europe will enter the cold season in the second half of the year. Househo...

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